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Gather your heroes and journey beyond the dungeons of Castle Hammerwatch to explore a pixelated world like never before.

Blight the Horrible and his dragon army have succeeded in the sinister plot to overthrow King Roland and bring destruction across the Kingdom of Herian.

Not all is lost as hope hides deep within the sewer system, where the King’s resistance movement holds strong. On the King’s order, a select few of mighty and skilled heroes have been entrusted with defeating Blight’s dragons and restoring the Kingdom.

Adventure alone or gather your party to aid King Roland’s resistance, all while helping villagers along the way. Battle beasts, finish off hordes of the undead, and face the forces of evil in this epic ode to classic ARPG.

Explore a Vast and Dynamic Open World

Journey through Hammer Island, the Fallowfields, and the dark mountainous regions of Blackbarrow. Experience a world complete with day/night and weather systems that will help shape your adventure.

Share the Adventure

Play alone, or in online co-op mode with up to 3 other players.

Build Your Herian Hero

Choose between five distinct character classes: Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard, and Warlock. Customize your appearance and level up tounlock powerful new abilities and skills.

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